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TapeTech 3" Direct Flusher CF30TT

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TapeTech 3" Corner Flusher can quickly glaze or finish inside corners. TapeTech CF30TT flusher can be used as either a direct or indirect flusher. Direct flushers can be used to apply joint compound to internal corners. Indirect flushers are used to smooth compound that has been applied by another tool. You can simply choose the size flusher to suit your needs without worrying which style to order. The Corner Flushers fit all standard angle boxes, corner boxes, angle head handles or Mudrunner.

TapeTech corner flusher can be used either by attaching to angle box, corner box or Mudrunner to apply final finish coat over inside drywall corner angles or as an indirect flusher for skimming over compound applied with applicator. Optional wheels can be mounted for super smooth finishing. Durable ultra-light weight skids offer long, reliable service.

  • Stainless steel body
  • Ultra light, durable skids for smooth operation and long life
  • Optional roller wheels available
  • Can be used as either indirect or direct flusher

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