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TapeTech 12" PowerAssist MaxxBox PAHC12

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Gives you the extra capacity you want in a high capacity Flat Box, with half the effort. Save time and reduce fatigue by letting the tool do more of the work. Featuring a smart design that matches the usable capacity to the application. The TapeTech Power Assist® finishing box holds just the right amount of joint compound to keep you finishing longer without wearing you out. The POWER ASSIST® MAXXBOX® is sure to become the industry standard for finishing! Adjustable dial crown setting allows the user to easily apply just the right amount of compound over flat seams and butt joints on walls and ceilings. These boxes work with all major brand flat box handles, including the Wizard™ handle for Power Assist® boxes 8000TT-PA (not included). Flat box brake handle controls position of MAXXBOX® to activate the POWER ASSIST® mechanism. Pressure plate reverse spring setup then helps apply the joint compound. MAXXBOX® high capacity holds more mud compound, saving you trips back and forth to the the pump for refills, increasing your production ability.

  • Perfect For Finish Coats on Flat Seams, and Butt Joints
  • Pivoting Axle Adjusts To Any Drywall Surface
  • Adjustable Crown Control For Correct Compound Output
  • Designed To Improve Speed and Efficiency
  • Reverse Springs For Power Assisted Finishing
  • EasyClean Pressure Plate For Fast Cleanup
  • High Mud Compound Capacity

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