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TapeTech 2" EasyClean Nail Spotter w/ FHTT Handle

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TapeTech Taping Tools by Ames Taping Tools EasyClean® 2" Nail Spotter features an updated gasket system (similar to a flat box) and a quick release latch. EasyClean® Lid opens quickly and easily for clean-up. Combined with the new 43" TapeTech FHTT Fiberglass Interchangeable Handle gives you the flexibility for any size job. From floor to ceiling this tool has you covered.

Nail Spotters are faster and more efficient than spotting nails by hand. You can fill and finish a row of fasteners in 1 pass, and the handle enables you to spot ceilings without the use of stilts. The 2" Spotter is the ideal choice if you intend on using a single spotter system.

Traditional style skid plate is both a pivot point and a screw detector helps prevent blade damage. The spotter body is made of high quality stainless steel that will not rust or deteriorate.

    TapeTech 2" Spotter with FHTT Handle Features:

  • Tapetech Taping Tools by Ames EasyClean® Lid and Gasket for quick cleanup
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • Includes TapeTech FHTT Interchangeable Fiberglass Handle
  • Handle diameter of 1.25" is larger and more comfortable
  • Included D-Shaped FHTT handle fits onto TapeTech Nail Spotters and Corner Rollers without additional adapters
  • D-Shaped FHTT handle fits the TapeTech Angle Boxes and Corner Finishers with available adapters

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