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TapeTech 8" Angle Box With FHTT Handle

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The CA08TT 8" TapeTech Corner Applicator with FHTT Interchangeable Fiberglass Handle incorporates the new XHT/FHTT handle connection with non-slip D shaped input and extendable convenience. The CA08TT Angle Box is used in conjunction with Angle Heads/Corner Finishers, Mud Applicator Heads, and Corner Bead Mud Heads to apply drywall compound to internal and external corners.

TapeTech FHTT is an interchangeable fiberglass handle system that allows one support handle to be used with Corner Rollers, Angle Boxes, Angle Heads, and Nail Spotters! The base handle FHTT fits the CA08TT corner box and corner roller without adapters. The new, optimal 1.25" diameter makes TapeTech FHTT handles the most ergonomic in the industry. The FHTT features a D-shaped fitting that securely positions the handle in the Corner Applicator and positively prevents the tool from rotating during use.

TapeTech Angle Boxes feature a lightweight aluminum body with durable stainless steel nose cone. The 8" model is slightly larger than the 7" model, and holds more compound. The greater mud capacity adds a small amount of weight, but increases overall productivity.

    TapeTech CA08TT Angle Box with FHTT Handle:

  • Includes New FHTT D Handle Connector Extension Handle 43"
  • Use a single handle with attachments for a variety of tools.
  • Durable Stainless Steel Nose Cone
  • Connects to all brands of Angle Head, and a variety of Mud Heads
  • 8" model has a higher mud capacity than the 7", and overall higher production rate

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