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TapeTech Maxi Automatic Taper 08TT

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TapeTech Maxi Automatic Taper 08TT

The quality and features you expect from TapeTech but now in a Limited Edition Maxi size. The taper tube is made of superior quality alloys for longevity and durability and is long enough to reach ceilings without stilts. When a standard size Taper just will not do, The TapeTech Maxi does!

QUICK-CHANGE TAPE BAIL locks into place, making it easy to change tape rolls without having to put the taper down. Best of all, there are no loose parts to misplace or re-install. To change tape rolls, grasp the tape retainer wire near the end of the spool post and depress it down and out through the retainer slot. Swing the retainer wire up and out of the way, change tape rolls, sliding the new roll fully onto the spool post. Swing the retainer wire back down, and guide it into the retainer slot. It’s that simple!

NO HASSLE CABLE CHANGES. The plunger stop has been improved to simplify cable changes. The metal and exposed screw heads have been replaced with a smooth, rounded, plastic plunger stop that is easy to remove and re-install. To remove the plunger stop, lift the locking tab and twist the stop ¼ turn counterclockwise. After twisting, pull the stop off the taper and complete the cable change following the normal procedure (see Cable Replacement). To re-install, align the guide tabs to the slots and slide the stop into the taper end, twisting ¼ turn clockwise. Continue twisting until the tab snaps into place, locking the assembly together. If oriented correctly, very little force should be required to install the stop. Changing a cable has never been easier!

All TapeTech tools come with an industry-best 5-year limited warranty. Additionally, the tools can be serviced through All-Wall with 2 authorized warranty and repair locations. 

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