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Hinge Mag - Door Hinge Masker Magnet 3.5" (50ct)

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HINGE MASKING MADE EASY with the Hinge Mag Magnetic Door Hinge Covers. Quickly and easily paint doors and trim without having to remove the door!. Hinge Mags install quickly and stay in place magnetically - no mess, easy cleanup, removal, and re-usable. The 3.5inch hinge is generally found in residential construction, and can be masked with minimal effort with the Hinge Mag
  • Doors do not have to be removed
  • Covers entire hinge in seconds
  • One piece device
  • Use for brush, roll, or spray
  • Great for repaints and new construction
  • Reuseable & adjustable
  • Allows regular movement of doors while painting
  • 3.5inch for Residential Application

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