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Columbia 2" Angle Head

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Columbia Taping Tools 2inch Convertible Wheels Angle head, is ideal for taping coat, as well as finishing door legs and other narrow angles. Sometimes called a corner finisher or glazer, Columbia Angle Head features an exclusive Locking Clip Attachment System which eliminates surprise detachment from angle boxes or angle head handles. With the all-new stainless steel blade frames and precision machined aluminum body, Columbia Taping Tools 2" angle head is designed to feather a consistent, smooth finish on both sides of inside 90 degree drywall angles.

Columbia's exclusive, new Thick Frame Blade Carrier design is the ultimate in precision and durability. This new advancement in angle head construction will last longer than any other non-stainless, coated carriers, and finish with a smooth precision that has never before been seen in angle head corner finishers.

The convertible wheels design is perfect for any drywall finisher - Run with wheels for a smooth, gliding performance. Run without wheels for easy clean-up or personal preference. Every Columbia Angle Head Corner Finisher includes a set of wheels and instructions for installation.

After applying tape and setting with corner roller (sold separately), angle head is attached to angle head handle, and smoothes first coat of tape consistently into the corner. Smooth finish to inside drywall corners can be done by attaching angle head to angle box (also known as corner box) to apply final mud coat

  • Columbia 2inch drywall angle head works great for final finish coat in narrow corners or on tape coat.
  • Mud can be easily removed from behind frames through handy Clean-Out hole..
  • Precision machined anodized aluminum body for solid fit and long-term reliability.
  • Surprise detachments from angle head handle or angle box are eliminated with the Locking Clip System
  • Stainless Steel, Heavy Duty, Thick Frame Blade Carriers are the ultimate in precision and reliability.
  • Includes wheel kit and installation instructions. Convertible design can be run with or without wheels.
  • 5-year Manufacturer's Warranty.

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