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TapeTech Continuous Flow Finishing Bundle CFSFINISH

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TapeTech Continuous Flow Finishing Bundle CFSFINISH

TapeTech BAZOOKA Continuous Flow Drywall Tools are the most productive taping tools available. Developed with a cooperation between industry giants - TapeTech and Graco, the Continuous Flow System is revolutionizing drywall finishing today. The BAZOOKA™ CFS pump supplies a continuous flow of joint compound to the, flat boxes, and corner finishing tools. Increase speed, productivity, work safety, and ergonomics by Never Filling Up Again!

Achieve maximum time on the wall with the BAZOOKA™ Continuous Flow System. No more repetitive trips to the pump required to fill tools, and no more difficulties moving compound buckets around the jobsite for finishers. Connect your tools and workers to the BAZOOKA™ Continuous Flow System, and eliminate wasted time - Increase your profits on every job!

How It Works
The Bazooka CFS is powered by a Graco Endurance™ Pump that delivers 1.5 GPM and features the Advantage Drive™ System with long lasting hardened steel gears. The onboard 25 gallon hopper includes an air tight lid that preserves compound overnight, and also acts as a portable wash station.

The really cool feature of the BAZOOKA™ Continuous Flow System - Is the FLOW! The Flow Control is based on radio frequency (RF) technology, and controls the Graco pump from the tool handle - Without Wires! The (RF) eliminates the burping and pressure builds that plague competitive units, and have the added bonus of being speed controlled inline, instead of exclusively at the pump.

The Tools
TapeTech BAZOOKA™ CFS drywall tools are designed to be the lightest and most ergonomic tools available. The flat finisher boxes have been re-engineered to reduce weight, and the teardrop box handle is easier to grip. Continuous application of finish coats with user controlled output reduces strain, and maximizes finish quality.

BAZOOKA™ Continuous Flow Finishing Bundle Includes:
  • Graco Continuous Flow Pump
  • 50' Material Hose Set
  • Continuous Flow Taper & Corner Finisher Flow Controller
  • Continuous Flow 10" Flat Box
  • Continuous Flow 12" Flat Box
  • Continuous Flow 34" Flat Box Handle
  • Continuous Flow 60" Flat Box Handle
  • Continuous Flow Box Controller
  • Continuous Flow 42" Corner Finisher Handle
  • 3" EasyRoll™ Corner Finisher

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