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Asgard MAXXBOX® Full Set

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Asgard MAXXBOX® Full Set

"A New Level of Drywall Tools", Asgard Taping Tools offer durability and functionality, without the added markup. The Asgard Full Set will allow you to tape and finish drywall effectively. This set includes the durable Mighty Hammer Automatic Taper, along with a 10" and 12" MAXXBOX® Flat Box for excellent sheetrock finishing. The precision 3" Angle Head applies a smooth, even coat of drywall compound to corners while the lightweight Corner Roller firmly embeds drywall tape into the corner. The smooth running Loading Pump and adapters, allow for quick and easy filling for Taper, Flat Boxes, and Angle Box. This set also includes 4 lightweight extendable handles to reach every area of a room without the use of stilts.

The MAXXBOX® design holds up to 68% more mud than other high capacity flat boxes. MaxxBox offers increased efficiency and production speed, allowing you to finish more between fill ups without tiring you out.


  • HAMMER Automatic Taper
  • 10" MAXXBOX® Flat Box
  • 12" MAXXBOX® Flat Box
  • Corner Roller
  • 3" Angle Head
  • 8" Angle Box Head
  • Loading Pump
  • Gooseneck
  • Flat Box Filler Adapter
  • Extendable Flat Box Handle
  • 3 Support Handles
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

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