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Wiha T6 Torx Angle Head Wrench

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Adjusting angle head screws with a standard allen head wrench has always been a struggle. Here's the solution - The Torx Driver grabs the set screw on more points, and keeps the allen head from stripping. This is the same driver that the All-Wall Repair Techs use to tighten and adjust blade screws - Now you can easily adjust your angle heads without the fear of stripping screws!

The Wiha Torx Driver 267/T6 x 40 is used on all Drywall Master, Columbia, and TapeTech EasyRoll Angle Heads (with wheels).


  • All-Wall item #5957 6-32 X 1/8" Socket Head Setscrew
  • All-Wall item #4847 5-40 X 1/8" Socket Head Setscrew
  • Columbia Corner Finishers
  • Drywall Master Bone Head Angle Heads
  • TapeTech 48TT and 48TTX EasyRoll Angle Heads

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