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Trim-Tex Buttboard Drywall Backer 54" Case of 12

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Buttboard™ Drywall Backer installs between studs on butt joints, and pulls back the edges - creating a tapered edge that requires less joint compound to finish. The end result is a factory like edge that requires less compound, sanding, and labor - Buttboard Saves You Time & Money

Trim-Tex Buttboard™ Drywall Backer produced Flat Butt Joints also reduce carpentry labor costs, and improve the overall quality of the finished product. Save time and material handling with easier butt joint layout between wall and ceiling framing members. No special tools required for installation, and using Buttboard allows the use of shorter drywall sheets.

Trim-Tex Buttboard™ Drywall Backer 54" Features:

  • Finish butt joints smooth and easy with a factory-like tapered edge
  • Save approximately 1/2 mud, sanding, and labor to finish butts
  • Cut back and save on carpentry costs associated with drywall butt joints
  • Works with metal and wood framing without special tools or fasteners
  • Use with any thickness of drywall and allows for use of shorter sheets
  • Made from Formaldehyde free premium density OSB board.

How to install Buttboard Drywall Backer

  1. Install first sheet of drywall with butt end centered between framing members. Install screws in surround of drywall sheet, except for framing members closest to butt end.
  2. Center BUTTBOARD on backside of drywall butt joint TM with machined groove facing the backside of drywall. Install screws every 8-12 inches, one inch back from drywall butt edge.
  3. Butt end of second drywall sheet to end of first sheet. (Do not compress butt joint). Install screws into surround of drywall sheet except for framing member closest to butt joint.
  4. Firmly push butt end of second sheet into BUTTBOARD TM and install screws every 8-12", one inch back from butt edge.
  5. Finish screwing both sheets of drywall to framing members.
  6. Screws can also be installed through adjoining drywall sheet into overlapping BUTTBOARD
  7. Tape and mud the butt joint. To improve the strength and workability of your drywall compound, we recommend you use Trim-Tex Mud-Max

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