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Mfr : SurPro
MPN : SS1005-P

SurPro Flex-Band Stilt Leg Band Kit

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SurPro Flex-Band Stilt Leg Band Kit
Replaces your stock metal leg bands with a more comfortable and durable system. The Flex-Band kit is made of a micro flex material that will flex and bend rather than break like metal bands. The added flexibility and thicker foam interior pads eliminate the discomfort from bands digging into your calves and shins. Throw out your old, uncomfortable, metal bands - Upgrade to the comfort of a Flex-Band!

Flex-Bands attach to any single leg pole stilts with supplied cross bolts and nylock nuts. You will need to drill your existing leg pole to accept the ultra-sturdy Flex-Band cross bolt system. Your stock leg straps attach to the Flex-Bands without modification.

Genuine Repair Kit Includes:

  • 2 - Flex-Bands and required hardware
  • No more digging into your shins
  • Microflex leg band provides comfort for your shin and calves
  • Engineered thermoplastic drastically improves comfort
  • Extra-thick comfort foam pads
  • More durable and shock resistant than stock, metal leg bands

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