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Rock Ripper Drywall T-Square

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Rock Ripper® Scores High With Drywallers
The Rockripper® Drywall T-square is a unique ripping and scoring tool for drywall that enhances speed and accuracy on drywall cuts. The Rock Ripper® has long been one of the most popular hanging tools at All-Wall

Construction: Foam-molded, high-impact plastic head. Insert-molded, aluminum blade has perforations to accept utility knife blade point for scoring drywall. Screened, thermal-bonded, graduations in black.

Applications: For general carpentry use, this square is the perfect tool for scoring and cutting drywall.

  • Perforated, oval holes on a 1/16" offset that accepts utility knife point for scoring
  • 24" blade with increasing and decreasing (reversed) 48" scale
  • Durable extruded aluminum blade
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

*Note: Markings are in inches (Metric version is no longer available).

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