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Resurfacing Program Dvd

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Resurfacing: How to Resurface Walls & Ceilings using Base Coat Plaster. For Remodeling Projects & The Restoration of Older, Historic Sites

This program is part of the "Plaster On!" series. On this program, Robin Raymer, the Plaster Man, explains & demonstrates how to use Base Coat Plaster to Resurface Walls & Ceilings. Base coating the surface is the first step in changing textured walls to smooth, or smooth to texture. It's also a great way to solve the problems so common with older, historic sites, such as large & small holes, as well as loose & cracked plaster. Techniques are shown on how to secure & prepare the walls & ceilings for resurfacing and the steps in doing resurfacing are demonstrated as well. Robin uses base coat plaster in combination with bonding agents, plaster washers & fiberglass mesh to show how to handle the most challenging project.

Running time: 28 Minutes

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