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Never-Miss Drywall Mud Tinting Additive - Blue 3oz

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Never-Miss Coloring Gel tints drywall joint compound and spackle to provide a visible color that indicates progress, highlights imperfections, and aids touch-up. Using Never-Miss in your mud will help you to work more quickly on the most demanding level 5 jobs, and achieve finish results of the highest quality.

Never-Miss compound tint is the most effective sanding aid available. When Never-Miss dries, the color rises to the top and is easily sanded away. Areas that retain color are visibly identified as areas that need sanding, whereas areas void of color can be identified as sanded - This helps to avoid over sanding critical areas, and quickly identify areas that still need touch-up. Using Never-Miss Coloring Gel for touch-up will guide you back to the places to be sanded or reworked without the use of any special lighting.

Never-Miss Blue Coloring Gel Benefits:

  • Quickly and easily identify progress of work with color visibility - increasing productivity
  • Reduce flashing, shadowing, and photographing - helping you achieve the highest level drywall finishes
  • Expedite the Touch-Up process - Never Miss a spot again!
  • Avoid over-sanding and eliminate neglected areas
  • Blue Never-Miss is ideal for final skim coating and touch up - Highlighting trouble areas with the highest visibility

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