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MPN : G5-E / VCE 33

Flex Giraffe Drywall Sander With 9 Gal Vac

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Flex Giraffe Drywall Sander With 9 Gal Vac

Light as air and best by far. The Flex Giraffe is a high quality, German made rotating disc drywall sander built for high production. The Giraffe is lighter than other sanders at only 8.9 lbs, and features a unique balancing concept that leads to less stress on the body while sanding. The handiness of the Giraffe drywall sander is built right in with optional extensions, comfortable spade handle, and adjustable full wave electronic motor.

The FLEX Giraffe drywall sander backing pads are ready for Velcro abrasive sandpaper 9" discs right out of the box. All-Wall recommends Joest discs for the highest level of dust extraction and performance with the Giraffe sander. Not only does the FLEX Giraffe offer easier options for extensions and abrasives, but it also out-performs the other production based disc sanders. The high quality German motor, transmission, and drive shaft are engineered to last longer and sand farther.

FLEX GE5 Giraffe Drywall Sander Features:

  • Cardanic Suspension - the pivot supported sanding head with optimized joint guarantees excellent flexibility and optimal adjustment to walls and ceilings.
  • Ergonomic Guide Tube - Slim, oval-shaped guide tube with recessed grip is comfortable and easy to handle
  • D-shaped Handle - Makes working with the sander more flexible and comfortable with added leverage. Protects the vacuum hose from kinks as well.
  • Full Wave Electronics - Adjustable 6 speed control from 1,100 - 1,650 RPM maintains constant speed even under pressure. Accelerator switch gives smooth, controlled starts.
  • Light & Balanced - FLEX Giraffe is light (only 8.9 lbs) and is optimally balanced for more comfortable handling.
  • Extendible - Optional tool-free extensions click-in for high reach ceilings and other high work.

Flex VCE33LAC 9 Gallon HEPA Vacuum Features:

  • The High-Performance Turbine Ideal For High Suction Capacity
  • Continuous Automatic Flat Filter Cleaning Ensures No Loss Of Suction
  • Permanent Socket And Electronic Automatic On/Off Switch
  • Rotary Switch Offers Flow Rate Control
  • Dry/Wet Compatible
  • Soft Start Feature Stops Voltage Peaks
  • Run-On Feature (15 Sec. Overrun) Clears Dust From Vacuum Hose
  • Dust-Protected Antistatic Finish
  • 4 Clamping Loops For Attaching Straps And A Giraffe Holder
  • Easy Filter Change
  • Safety vacuum cleaner, approved for dust class L, suitable for all dust with OEL value greater than 1 mg/m³

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