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Dura-Stilts Dura-IV Deluxe Drywall Stilts 14-22"

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Dura Stilts Deluxe Model IV14-22 Feather Weight drywall stilts are designed for greater control, mobility, balance, and less overall weight. The Dura Stilts DuraIV 14-22" Adjustable Drywall Stilts are less tiring and more comfortable to wear than the earlier version DURA-III stilts. The patented design on the Dura IV Stilts feature a 6 way adjustment for height, lateral balance, and front/back rotation. The Deluxe kit includes the standard Dura III foot straps - giving stilt walkers the same foot mounting system with the weight reduction advantage of the Dura IV. The model IV14-22 is the smallest and lightest adjustable stilt available, and is ideally suited for work on 8ft to 9ft ceilings and structures.

  • Dura III foot mounting strap system is preferred by experienced DuraStilt users
  • Leg support clamping system with anti-crush design allows you to separate the height and rotational adjustment of the leg support tube from the lateral adjustment
  • Feather Weight Only 10.5 lbs Dura IV14-22 stilts are the lightest stilts available. More than 2lbs lighter than the Dura III model D1422
  • Aluminum construction is stronger than Magnesium competitors
  • Utilizes the patented "ankle-muscle" action that lets you adjust separately for forward and reverse motion

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