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Delko Banjo Taper With Flat & Internal Applicators

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The Delko Banjo Drywall Taper with Flat and Internal Applicators

A Homax style banjo with some new improvements. Built for durability, the high quality plastic and improved handle construction are designed to extend the life of your banjo. The Delko Banjo Plastic Drywall Taper applies the mud and tape in one easy step. The standard geared tape wheel dispenses the tape and the flow of mud is adjustable to your needs using the adjustment dial. This convenient kit includes two applicators, a standard Flat Applicator and Exclusive Delko Internal Corner Applicator, that allows you to finish a 90° internal corner by applying the tape, compound and achieving the proper crease all in one motion.

  • Simultaneously Applies The Mud And Tape.
  • Adjustable Dial Adjusts The Rate Of Mud Flow.
  • Consistent And Adjustable Mud Flow Improves Taping Quality.
  • Stainless Steel Gears Grip And Dispense Tape Evenly.
  • Internal Corner Adapter Provides A 90° Internal Corner Finish.
  • Improved Nylon Handle Is Adjustable To All Hand Sizes.
  • Holds Approximately 5Lbs (2.25 kg) Of Mud.
  • Holds Tape Rolls Up To 500ft (150m).

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