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Base Coat Program Dvd

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Veneer Coat Plastering - how to apply base coat - for new construction, remodeling & additions

This program is part of the "Plaster On!" Series. On this program, Robin Raymer, The Plaster Man, shows you the techniques used in applying Base Coat - the first coat in the veneer plastering process. Robin covers surface preparation & gives step by step instructions & demonstrations that show you the most effective methods of applying base coat over plaster board or drywall. His style of training is easy to follow and will help you achieve professional results. This is knowledge that is hard to find from any other source.

Running time: 39 Minutes
(Note: Techniques on how to apply the second coat of veneer plaster - to get either a smooth or texture finish - is covered in the "Finish Coat Plaster" program)

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