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9" Roller Frame

Marshalltown 22" Squeegee Knockdown Knife

Drywall Texture Roller (Crows Foot)
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All-Wall Price $21.99 Catalog #6733

Drywall Texture Roller (Crows Foot)

Create unique and interesting patterns with rubber drywall texture rollers. You can use the drywall texture rollers for knockdown and stand-up drywall texture patterns. The rubber roller fits on any standard 9" paint frame, and is easily washed with water

To create the pattern is simple: Thin your drywall joint compound down to a workable consistency. Use a paint tray to hold the mud for your roller. Coat your roller liberally with mud by rolling in the paint tray.

Once your drywall texture roller is loaded with material you can use a variety of techniques to achieve varying patterns. Be sure to press firmly so that the pattern properly stands out on the wall. You can stay in straight lines for a more symmetric pattern, or use random strokes for a stylistic design. You can knock the high spots down for a traditional knockdown texture after about 15 minutes.

MPN: DW180

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