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Dura-Stilts Dura-IV Featherweight Drywall Stilts

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All-Wall Price $289.00 – $309.00
Catalog #DURAIV

MODEL IV DURA-STILTS Feather Weight drywall stilts designed with greater control, mobility, balance, and less overall weight. The Dura Stilts DuraIV drywall stilts are less tiring and more comfortable to wear than the earlier versions of Dura Stilts. The patented design on the Dura IV Stilts feature a 6 way adjustment for height, lateral balance, and front/back rotation. The new DuraStilts are also easier to mount and dismount with the secure foot strapping system.

  • Secure comfort foot harness with quick disconnect is easier to strap into and out of
  • Leg support clamping system with anti-crush design allows you to separate the height and rotational adjustment of the leg support tube from the lateral adjustment
  • Feather Weight Dura IV stilts are the lightest stilts available. More than 1lb lighter than Dura III
  • Aluminum construction is stronger than Magnesium competitors
  • Utilizes the patented "ankle-muscle" action that lets you adjust separately for forward and reverse motion

Mfr: Dura-Stilts

Dura-Stilt IV Weight Specifications:

14"-22" - 10.5 lbs
18"-30" - 12.5 lbs
24"-40" - 14.00 lbs

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